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Just added my second ever Trans Shakespeare Workshop. It's a fun class where we'll explore Shakespeare through gender and vice versa!

if you have any questions feel free to submit them below.

Looking for your new audition or public speaking coach? Look no further.


I've taught acting classes to students of all ages, coached high school seniors on their musical theater audition packages, and the mother of all auditions, grad school preparation.

I tried out for MFA programs four years in a row, I know what it's like to hear "no, thank you" over and over and over again. And since then I've developed tools to help myself and clients improve and take care of their mental/emotional/spiritual health to reach their greatest results.


Don't worry about booking. Don't worry about getting into school. Don't worry about impressing anyone.

You are enough. I'm here to remind you of that and offer my expertise so that you can share your best self.

I encourage all of my clients to enter as their whole selves and bring a sense of joy to their work. 


I coach people from all walks of life, but I specialize in actors of LGBT+ experience.

As a trans femme myself, I have had to remind myself that I belong in every room I walk into.


Now this is all fun and dandy in theory, but putting it into practice is the real deal.


Here's a clip of me working with a student at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival over zoom.



My current rate is $75 an hour, Venmo preferred, and all sessions are currently over Zoom.


However, I am flexible with pricing as I've been a struggling artist as well. Feel free to email me with pricing questions. I would rather help someone find a way to make it work than turn anyone away for lack of funds.

Thanks for submitting!

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